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OMG! Just got on the scales - big mistake!


Well, in November, when I had my health check for school, I was 158 lbs, and I was about the same in January in my class health assessment. I am now 166lbs!!!

Last summer I was I put on 18lbs before I quit, and have simply accelerated the weight gain since. I know all my clothes are feeling tight and I cannot afford a new wardrobe.

The biggest problem I have is that with my arm problems, and a recently diagnosed herniated disk in my neck, I am a bit nervous about how much exercise I can do? Anyone have any advice?

I know this week I start working on the hospital wards 2 x 5 hours a week, rather than just sitting in lectures. I also am going to start walking at least three times a week for 30 minutes, which should do something. Once the beer is gone from the fridge it is gone!

I guess the one consolation is that this summer I am full time in school (8-5 Mon and Fri in lectures, and 7-4 Tues, Weds, Thurs in hospital) so with homework and revision at least I do not need to worry about wearing a swimsuit as no time.

So, my goal is to get back down to 140lbs, a massive (and sneaky) 26lbs to lose. Sounds scary just thinking about it, but I am healthier through not smoking, so I can do it and will do it!!!

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Hiya itsinthegenes....ditto regarding the weight gain and I too have to lose a hefty portion. But you're right about being healthier. I know you might not want to wear your swimsuit but swimming is the best form of exercise. It will support your frame in the water and therefore protect and support your body whilst working every muscle at the same time. I'd go swimming if you can manage it. All the best with the weight loss. I'm in the same boat concerning gaining weight and also need to lose it before I turn into a blimp.

Well done on your quit.

Lisa xxx

I'm no doctor, but I too think swimming would be ideal for all the reasons Lisa mentioned above.

I used to have a super fast metabolism when I was younger and could eat absolutely anything I wanted and not put an ounce on.

Sadly, with the onset of middle age, those days are well and truly behind me :(

Stopping smoking has taken its toll on my midriff and as I move into Month 3 I am going to take up swimming again.

On top of all the reasons Lisa has already mentioned, the other reason is for motivation. I know I will not be happy with the way I look in swimming trunks right now, so every time I put them on I will be visibly reminded of what needs to be done to sort it out.

My 25th wedding anniversary is in July and by then I would like to return to something approaching the body I had when I was younger.

Good luck Genes, you are a star, and I've no doubt that whatever you put your mind to, you will achieve. :D

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