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Day 85

Hi all new years quitters(waves) hope you are all still with me...Im still struggling,really thought it would of gotten easier which it has in a sense but all I want to do is drink coffee and snack on sweet stuff not good! Lol..luckily iv not put on any weight as trying to keep active but really worrying im going to let myself slide,any tips anyone for these other cravings im now having? x

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Hi there,

Congratulations on day 85! That is awesome.

I'm almost a new years quitter. 11 days late. :)

You've got something amazing to look forward to...

You're going to enter the penthouse at 12:00am 1/1/2013!!!!!!

That will be so amazing. Try to use that as unstoppable motivation.

It will be such a special moment for you and all the 2012 NY quitters.




Day 85.... holler if you are still with us......

Hi clare lou

I too am a new years day quitter, along with my husband,yes we gave up together and are still together

I have found the whole thing relatively easy, not a walk in the park, though not as bad as i thought.....I have had bad moments and they have been bad but this forum and the support of the hubby have got me through.

My husband has struggled a lot more than me though the struggles never seemed to happen together......they were our own struggles......which in itself helped with the support. I think its a bit of a battle of the wills in who will cave first and both of us won't so it looks like we are gonna be non smokers!!!

I have put a bit of weight on.....from a size 8 to a size 10......which to some maybe nothing but to me who has for the last 20 years been a size 8, was quite a big deal but exercise(bike riding) has help me come to terms with it.....don't get me wrong I was not depressed over it just shocked at how easy I used to take my size for granted!!

My sweet tooth has not gone so that's probably not helped!

You have to focus on one thing at a time and that for the moment has to be the quit.

Go with the cravings,I would say that if you have not put the weight on then you are going good and can let yourself have that treat that your body craves.

Any-ways...... well's never easy but there wouldn't be forums like this if it was!!!

Will check back in another few days to see how many are on the wagon still....all holler if you are!!!



I am still here. Just got back from a trip to visit 3 of my grandkids. One turned 3 today ( we celebrated yesterday, which was my birthday), one will be 6 in June and the newest member of the family is 13 days old and just adorable....

It feels good to know that I have a better chance of being around to watch my grandkids grow up now that I quit the habit. That is my motivation. my strength, my reason for being and doing.

I hope it gets easier for you very soon. I was around 3 smokers this week and at times it seemed very tempting but I just ignored it. Then after I got off the plane and in my car today I thought about stopping and buying a pack, but I refused to give in and the urge went away. Seems the better we ignore mister nicotine the more he pushes to win us back. But, we are stronger than him and will win this day at a time. And one day we will realize that we won the WAR!!!

NOPE....not one puff ever!! ppat



Seems you had a couple of close calls.. But thankfully you pulled through!!

Keep it up! :)

I dont have kids (thus no grandkids) but it is really motivating to read about those who do and have smoked for a big part of their life but are willing to quit for good..

As I read someone say: 'I will not be defeated by a plant!!!!'


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