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Hang head in shame!!

Ok so I completely fell off the wagon and returned to being a smoker :-( if I'm honest I was 'secretly' smoking at work for a while before confessing to hubby! Went out last weekend and hubby lost it with me when I came home rather worse for wear. We have never argued but last week saw him thinking I was cheating and telling me it was over - 10 years married! He then had a cigarette after a month of not smoking and apologised for being a dick! We have both smoked since possibly more than before we stopped.

Tomorrow we stop again!

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Hi Puddles, its so easy to fall off the wagon under stress in the early days, I should know!! Just learn from it and move on. You will soon learn to deal with your emotions without resorting to a smoke. So pick yaself up and dust yaself down and all that, we've all done it. What matters is that we get back on track again. And it is doable. Sure I felt like a smoke today but in the way I sometimes think 'ooh, I'd love a Mars bar', but then I don't have one cos I want to lose weight. Wasn't an intense smokey feeling. And once I have eaten my last mississippi mud pie I will be back to healthy eating. Wish I never bought those damn things :rolleyes:

Sorry, didn't say what I meant too well, but am a bit tired tonight.

Take care though Pudds :)

Zoe xx


:pOh dear puddles, never mind, Ive been in them situations in the past. I nearly gave in yesterday was so lo, but I didn't because I didnt really want one it was because of arguemnts, but we have to be strong all the time and its hard.

Good luck for tomorrow then.




Sorry to hear you failed Puddles. You need to get back on it quickly otherwise it can easily turn into years before you try again. Took me five years to start another quit.

Oh and i was the same as you. I smoked even more after failing.

Good luck.


Thanks guys! Have had last cigarette, brushed my teeth and snuggled in bed! Will be half way through day one by the time I wake up ;-) lol!!


Good for you Puddles :D Remember you're a Hare :D

Sleep tight and tomorrow is a new, exciting day yaay ;) xx


You need to stop these secret smokes at work or you will fail again Puddles.


They have all stopped rogue no more smoking ever!


Good luck Puddles and no more slipping and sliding! :cool:

Learn all you can from what went wrong, then get back on your way. This can be done. :)


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