No Smoking Day
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Into day four now

Can't believe how quickly it has gone if i'm honest.

No problems to report today as i'm coping well today :)

I'm hoping everyday is like today as this is easy but i'm not easily fooled.

Plenty of small frequent craves which i'm finding easy to brush away.

I've noticed today my fluid intake has increased a lot today. Plenty of tea and soda water.

I'm already looking forward to day 5 :)

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Well done Rogue :D And because you are doing cold turkey you now no longer have any nicotine in your system yaay I always feel good when I get to that point. I have been getting the odd wave of a crave coming over me but as you say they are not hard to brush aside. If in doubt, just go sniff a smoker euggh lol :eek: that will get rid of any urge to smoke.

Great you are sounding so positive, keep it up, we can do this :D

Zoe xx


Cheers Zoe

I'm absolutely convinced i will quit for good. I'm forever strengthening my resolve by reading various forums and smoking related articles.

We both can beat this habit together. :)


Hey Rogue,

Why not join the March Hares group? Go to quick links, scroll down to social groups, click on that, then click on March Hares, then click join group and you're in :D Be great to see you there, xx


Just signed up Zoe thanks


Keep going Rogue - you are doing a great job.

Sometimes I think we need to tell ourselves that we should suffer all the way through this quitting lark. I have managed to get my head in line to understand that this doesn't need to be that way.

Like you say, small, frequent craves that can be brushed away. Hold on to that understanding, and you will get through just fine. :)


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