Day 26

Morning Quitters, I feel blooming awful. I look even worse(can't blame the extension either). Have woke up all bunged up with an extra nose( actually its a cold sore but I have been known to exaggerate slightly). Must have slept funny cause I have a sore neck also, must be the xtra weight:rolleyes:. Just generally feeling like poo but.....I don't want a ciggie:eek:. Normally when I feel sorry for myself, I sit under a wee cloud of smoke but not this time. Right, I have had just had a lovely shower and am now going to face the day head on.....see you all on the other side :D

3 Replies

  • Well done on getting to day 26 :D

    sorry to read your not feeling too great this morning :( do you suffer with alergies?

    i drove past someone from the council cutting grass yesterday and started suffering more or less straight away oil of obas is pretty good to help with a blocked nose

    hope you have a good day :)

  • Oh shojam, Im feeling same other then my coldsore is clearing up signs that the weather is changing but not sure about this cold

    Congrats on day 26

  • Hi shojam sorry you not feeling too good but congrats on day 26, nearly a month now yaay :D I feel a bit cr*ppy too, just generally exhausted for some reason. So gonna take myself off for a walk in a bit, see if that perks me up. Hope we feel better soon ;) xx

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