No Smoking Day
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Day two for me now

Last night for me was really tough. I simply couldn't get to sleep and when i did it wasn't for long.

Already i feel a slight improvement in my breathing and smelling.

Last night my emotions kicked in and i could visually see myself smoking and telling myself not to put myself through this torment,

I'm chuffed though i've made it to day two as i firmly believe the first 24hrs are the hardest. You keep putting yourself off setting a quit date. I must of done this countless times even know i was desperate to quit smoking.

My mind is racing at the moment but thankfully not gone through being angry with everyone yet.

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Right on Rogue! Day 2 for me also. I chose the pizza route last night and now feel right terrible today for over eating haha. We can do this! Hope you can figure out that sleep issue... My problem seems to be wanting to sleep all the time. The anger is slowly building again also.



Cheers Viking.

I'm not going to lie now but i''m finding it very tough right now. I simply don't know what to do with myself. It's the first time i've started to think about food.

I haven't caved in on eating anything as i have to be very careful with my weight as i'm already a slightly overweight person.



I'm 215ish, should be 170lbs... Have my workouts all planned, full diet ready to go but holding off for one week. If things are well with the day, I'm eating well. If I struggle, I will throw in a good tassting crapy meal. One week won't kill my motvation for better health, and it will give the lungs some time to clear pre workout... I wouldn't worry about a meal or two, just forus on eating clean after day 7, I'll be here doing the same thing!



Last year i worked my socks off to lower my weight. Managed to get it down to 14stone. Now i'm back up to around 17 and slowly rising. At 39 years old it doesn't get easier :mad:.


Ya true, well, at least you have a wonderful spot to complai!


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