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New poster here

Hi All,

I'm planning my second quit very shortly. Over the last month or so it has plagued my mind to quit. I'm also suffering from a bad chest infection like never before. I still have it and it's now been over a month and normally my body is good at making speedy recoveries.

I gave up for two years before and like a fool i started again with no excuses to use. I can never forgive myself for that as i did find it really tough going. By the end of two years i actually felt smoke free too but in truth you never really are.

Over the last two years i've changed to rolling baccy purely for the cost of it and it has certainly affected my health.

I will be going cold turkey like before. I'm not really a drinker but will self impose a ban for a couple of months from going into a pub.

I drink bucket loads of tea which i will obviously cut down to stop the triggering.

I'm going to do a personal diary of my quit to keep myself motivated.

This is going to be the toughest quit for me as i'm unemployed at the moment. It will be very hard to keep my mind occupied.

I will post my quit date in the next week or so as i need time to get myself prepared ie stock up of chewing gum and oiled sweets.

We post back soon. :)

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Get your mind prepared. Keep telling yourself you can and will do it and I'm sure you will.

Good luck when you start


Good luck with quitting, if ever in doubt about quitting go to - it's really helping me & so do these boards.



Good luck Rogue :D


Welcome to the site Rogue.

You're doing a good thing here - listen to your lungs, they can't take any more, and they mean it!!

You'll find lots of help and support and inspiration on this site. So hang around :)

Sorry to hear about the unemployment etc - I can see it would be daunting. On the other hand, look at the positives: it'll save you money, and keeping active to stave off the craves will hopefully give some focus to your life as well.

There's never an easy time to take that leap, but it's always the right time.

Go for it!

Helen x


Hi Rogue & Welcome,

I keep a personal quitting diary and find it helps me a lot. I write in it every day and sometimes several times a day to record my thoughts and feelings. It is good to read back to the early days and see how far I have come.

Best of luck with your quit. :)


Thanks all for the welcome. :)

I went ahead and stopped smoking at 1.50am this morning. So far so good. As expected it's been hairy so far but not as bad as i thought it was going to be.

Been chewing plenty of gum which is the only time i use this stuff as i generally hate the stuff.

I must add that my girlfriend still smokes and i'll have to roll her fags for her. This hasn't been at all bad though. She only smokes in the kitchen.

In under 7 hours from now,i 'll have reached my first 24hrs smoke free. :)


Well done rogue, looking forward to seeing you in day 2.

I thought I might have had the same problem as you, rolling OH rollys. But hes decided to quit with me.

Keep up the good work,

Take care

Anne xxx


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