No Smoking Day
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Can't believe it's nearly a week!

Can't believe it's day 6, at lights out tomorrow it's been a full 7 days since I knocked smoking on the head!!! Got a good krew that i can chat with and appreciate all the other good advice and support from others either at the same point or further in their journey.

managed to get a bit burlin on sat night but also managed to keep in my seat when EVERYONE who sat at my table went back and forth to the beer garden for a smoke! The one thing that kinda knocked some sense into me when i started to think about going out and having one, was when they came back in and I could smell them from the door!!! plus, when i got up on sunday i felt very, very pleased with myself for getting through it. that and a bit of a hangover!!!!

Anyway, here's to all of us at the start of another fun-packed week fighting with that Irish rascal Nick O'Teen! And winning may I just add .......


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Well done Stuart :)


Well done Stuart, that has gone really quick


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