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Day 6........... and struggling

Day 6 is dawning, and I am not sure I can do this anymore. Been a tough 6 days, and with other things going on in my life its hard. My OH smokes and looked in his cigarette pack this morning and he only has 2, which is probably a blessing in disguise, so I thought he might miss one of them.

I joined a slimming club about 7 weeks ago and thats been a struggle to lose 6lbs, most of which I have put back on since I stopped smoking, seeing as I have wanted to eat everything in sight and sometimes I havent managed to control my eating.

Yesterday was mothers day and my son didnt even bother, and more to the point my OH didnt even make sure he had bothered (OH and son dont see eye to eye, OH isnt his dad), so my feelings are hurt at the moment.

I know I will pass a co-op and a newsagent that are open on my way to work.

OH doesnt seem to have a lot of respect for me anymore and I am sat here trying not to cry and thinking what a moaning minnie I am, and I apologise for my moaning, but I am stuggling.

So gonna be a toughie today as to whether or not I crumble, and right now I can see I will crumble today, sorry peeps :(

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Clare, I feel for you, I really do. I am in a situation similar to yours. You CAN do this for you. My OH smokes like a chimney so I have to be strong otherwise I would be in his packet as well. Your brain is playing games with you, you dont need a ciggie. A ciggie will not make your OH more caring, it will not arrive with a bunch of flowers for mothers day and it most certainly will not make you feel better about yourself. You have lasted 5 days without that ciggie, so for the next hour......don't smoke, then the next hour......don't smoke and so on. You CAN do this, we are all with you :D


OK bonnylass :). Don't let them grind you down! Have a chat with the lads in your life individually because it seems they are both trying to get at each other through you. Get them sorted then dump the nicotine monster in your head. Sort a daily diary out for your quit records and prompts, buy A Carrs book then start power walking with a vengence.

This is a male perspective to your post and centres on a solution but I hope it helps. :)


Thank you for the support, really need to get my head into gear and get over this, its s struggle but I CAN DO IT!! :-)


ahh bless you Claire but as Shojam says smoking isnt going to make things better just try and remember that all it will do is make you angry and upset

we are all behind you encouraging you along the way :)


Oh Claire - sounds as tough it's been a tough weekend hun. And you've conquered so much so far. Please try to hang in there if you can. It's just that beast of a devil on your shoulder - and you know - if you have one now you will be so cross with yourself - bcs now it's your mind playing tricks on you not the physical dependence. Be strong. Please .... we are to help and support you if times are hard. Come on NE lass - you can do it x


Oh Claire, that SUCKS. I'm not surprised you feel miserable, but before you spark up a cigarette, just stop for a minute and think.

Think of your troubles, one by one. And ask yourself, will smoking fix this? The answer is clearly 'no'.

You might think that it will relax you or make you feel better about yourself, but the truth is dropping a six day quit will make you feel disappointed and crappy. It will taste like sh*t. Although your subconscious has been conditioned into thinking that smoking relaxes you, it's a BIG FAT LIE. It's just that smoking has been something you do a lot when you feel bad. It's just another trigger, like finishing meals, alcohol etc.

If you keep going with this quit and get past this rough patch (you CAN, all you have to do is not light that first fag!) then at least amidst all your problems you'll have something to feel really proud of. And if you keep going with your quit you will feel healthier and better in yourself, which will give you the strength to deal with the other stuff.

Hope you get through today. Keep posting on here if it helps.

Helen x


I'd put all my energy into going into a massive sulk and to go on strike. If the men in my life couldn't even muster a homemade card I'd bang their silly heads together. Obviously, don't do this if you see more stress and an argument brewing as this will make the craving worse but holy sheesh kebab!!! What are men like???? Anyways, like everyone else has said, smoking won't make anything better...a few tears and emotional blackmail might go a long hate it when you squirt water from your eyes!

All the best, but smoking will just make you feel even more rubbish. It will taste horrible and you'll feel a failure...don't do it. The nicotine monster is whispering to your brain to make up an excuse to smoke, it's clever that way, so mentally knee him in the balls and say adios.

Hope you get through this.

Lisa x


Well said HB. There's so much in life to get you down but smoking will just add to those - not make it better.. in the long run anyway but you don't need me to tell you that.

If it's any consolation, my older son, now 19 did send me a text, unprompted (by me anyway) which is a first .. I'm expecting a bar of chocolate when I see him though (prompted or not :o) Daughters are probably better at that sort of thing.

You are on the same day as me .. I think weekends are a bit disruptive so stay with your quit .. it's a pain but can only get better x


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