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Quit Meter?

I've been hugely unsuccessful trying to find a quit meter I can use on my Mac, OS Lion. Everything that I find out there seems to be for the PC.

Anybody got any suggestions?

At the moment, I have to calculate it all by myself. And since it's been almost four full days, I can say I've not smoked about 80 cigarettes, saved about $22.00, and only snapped at inanimate objects like food packages that refuse to let me open them about 14 times.

Anyone point me to a quit meter?

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Hi here is a link to the nhs one you could use


hope it works ok if not just go the the smokefree.nhs.uk and you can click onto the calculate bit from there :)


Not a mac user myself but there are a couple listed on whyquit.com/whyquit/linksdm...

Also if you have a smart phone there are quite a few apps available to download.


I'm using SilkQuit version 2, it's really good... I would have smoked 91 cigarettes now which is a shocker :eek: saved £27.94 & it just stays at the bottom of your taskbar so you can just check whenever you want to :)


4 days woohoo :D


I eventually found an app for my iPhone that I like. It's called My Last Cigarette. Cost me all of $0.99. :)

I can't use Silk Meter because it's PC based.

For the record, as I write this, I've quit for four days, ten hours, and thirty-two minutes, I've saved $24.60, and I've increased my life expectancy by 8 hours, 36 minutes.

This app even counts how many people have died world-wide, since I quit, based on World Health Organization estimates. It's so sad! That number, supposedly for just the last 4.5 days, is 42,582. :mad:


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