Second day, second room woot

Hey everyone,

Light headed a bit with todays wake up, but I surely smell better haha.. Still taking it one craving at a time. Not having much on my plate today should help things out. I'll keep updating, a lot more hours to go.

Sidebar... My truck is getting new rims and rubber next week... Not puffing for 2/3 of a year will pay for

It in full. Cool beans,


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  • Yay Vike, way to go! May you have a great, smoke-free day!

  • Made it through a work plant check and watching over the 'rents dog now, he doesn't smoke so doing ok. Green beer day here, well, amateur night as its known in my circle... The work pager will keep me from going out and drinking with the boys, which will keep the access to smokes away too. I'd rather go out to the pub when all the twice a year drinkers (new years, today) are safe off the road and out of the bars anywho. Sweaty, too drunk youngsters is always an equation for a bad night. Going to a restaurant with my wife for a hearty brew before chilling at home tonight.

    Stay on path, breathe easy folks!


  • 2nd Day 2>

    Might as well just add to the thread I started a few days ago. On day 2 again, coping with candy and chocolate eeps. Had the casts for teeth whitening set today and it was gross, in both taste and feel, so I guess candy is my way of telling the dentist i'm not overly enjoying his company, even though whitening is going to help in the long run. Walked to work, 4 km... have plans to walk home to, it is basically summer weather here woot woot. Still working amongst smoke while you work guys, but doing well with my candy and water breaks. Sense of smell should come back in the next couple days and turn on my cigarette smoke radar again, its always interesting when I can tell where a smoker is from very long distances away. Very excited to get new kicks for the truck tomorrow, the rubber is on the rims and already balanced waiting for me to bring it in yay! Congratulations to everyone that succeeded through another day today, and a good luck to all the new quitters out there. We will beat this. Tomorrow brings day 3 for me, and then we face my newest nemesis, day 4 (written in fire and brimstone for awesome 3d effect). Cheers everyone.


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