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I'm still standing

.... feeling like a little kid. Looking like a true survivor. Etc etc etc.... :p

It feels so good to be nearing the end of my first month - I am really feeling a kind of childlike joy about it all. :o

Physically, I still feel awful. I have had an almost permanent "smokers cold" since I stopped - constant running nose and grotty throat. No cough, but very wheezy and short of breath. But I keep telling myself that this is all self inflicted, so, to use a common forum term, I just need to Man Up!

Good luck to everyone on here - especially those newer than me. Stick with it, because it does get easier. I don't ever want to have to go through this again, so this is really it for me this time!


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Well done Billy, I am only on day 4, sticking with it though. Also posts like yours gives me even more incentive to stay stopped. Not suffering with wheezing, and such like, but one thing I did notice was that as I ran up the stairs to the canteen yesterday at work, I wasnt out of breath, and that was only on day 3 :D


Well done Billy, so happy that you are happy :D. Here's to month 2



Great to hear you sounding so positive Billy - it looks like you have truly reclaimed your quit now!

The physical crappiness is a drag - I felt awful for ages. But like you say, you know what caused it, so it's just another thing to get through.

Keep at it, you are doing so well. :cool:


Well done billy...hope the cold clears up im just getting it :(


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