No Smoking Day
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Day 70 1/2 and 1/2

10 weeks, 70 days, 1400 fags not smoked

Doing Liverpool half marathon on Sunday, sort of looking forward to it sort of not.

Keep thinking i'll leg it round the course then leg it to the shop. but will stick with 2 halves (one full, one empty)

Love not smoking, but miss smoking.

Keeping on keeping on in a both positive and negative way

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Well done I think:confused:, lol. You are doing sooooo good, keep at it :D


WOW!!! You got me by 4 days or so!

Today is Day 66 for me!!! Keep going!!

I could never run a Marathon!! You GOOOO!


I'm so with you. I love not smoking. But I so miss smoking. Good luck matie


Its not the actual smoking I miss, Id hate to start again, its just that ritual, the little bit of me time, the feeling that your are having a treat/reward.

Difficult to replace with a bowl of cereal or an extra strong mint, just dosnt do it.

Guess a time thing, Taxi to the Penthouse would be good.

I had a good "glad i dont smoke moment" yesterday when my car was in the garage for service, I got a little courtesy car , which was plastered in no smoking stickers. Normally I would have ignored completely, smoked and worried when I took it back that the garage would smell it, notice the ash stains on the side and give me a telling off or worse.

Only a little tick in the glad I dont smoke column, but a tick all the same


Well done Andrew

I saw a guy smoking, standing outside an office yesterday. For a fleeting moment, I had a flash of envy for the fact that he was having that bit of time out. Then I thought, no - how nice it is not having to do that. And how nice it is not to be suffering when you are unable to answer that need to get out and do it.


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