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No Smoking Day
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Ok so i am now leaving Week 2 :D

I aint going to say its been a smooth ride because i'll be fooling myself and all the other none smokers, this week ive nearly cracked

yesterday while i was waiting to pick up my glasses a man infront of me must have forgot to wash for 2 weeks and the smell was over powering i had to walk out the shop never been like that before. Ive also came on in teenage spots that i didnt have as a teen :( most of all i had a worrying lump and was so scared it was the big C(Just skin infection) but i didnt touch one cig,My inhaler isnt being used as often and i personally think ive cracked it

So to all the people quiting or starting week 2, Dont think its a smooth ride because you'll just fool yourself. Dont let things get on top of yourself take some "me" time and dont worry about the spots shows we still have a bit of youth in us :p Most of all Keep going

I want to thank everyone on here for the support in the last 2 weeks yes ive had support of my family but my moms still a smoker so doesnt realise how hard it is and my boyfriend has never smoked its nice to know theres people going or gone through same things.

See you all in week 3;)

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Hahahahahahahahahahaha! :D

QUALITY title there PLL86, you had me going hook, line and sinker that you had either lost your quit, were leaving the forum or both!

Well done and enjoy your new home in week 3. Don't get too comfortable though and I wouldn't unpack too much.

The removal men are coming back in 7 days to rehouse you in Month 1.

Take a bow and enjoy the applause, you deserve it. :D


well done PL your doing brilliantly, just keep doing what your doing. freedom from the vile weed is awesome.



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