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No Smoking Day
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Group Hug!

A big congratulations and a group hug to all of us all who are on our day 3!!!!! :)

Must admit that yesterday was a bit of a tester, with cravings, feeling sick, stomach pains etc, but feeling much more positive today. One thing that i have noticed already was, brushing my teeth this morning i noticed how pink and healthy my tongue is starting to look! I keep walking over to mirrors and sticking my tongue out just to check it one more time! Hope they dont lock me up just yet!

Going to pick up my new car soon, cant wait to keep it smelling like new,... woe betide anyone who breaths smoke near my car!!! lol.

Well i hope you all have a great day. I am so proud of us!!!!!!!!

Denise :)

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Hey Denise , I will gladly join that group hug!!! yep, i know the checking the tongue and teeth thing lol

I also smell my hands a lot .... hmmm, might end up in the cell next to you ...

Have a great one!!!



lol I will be in to visit yous two, I am sane, no tongue poking or hand smelling (though I now have those ideas in my head....), I promise to bake a cake with a file or two in it lol. Can I join the group hug to please?? :D


Hi Clare,

So glad to hear from you today as i just read your posts from yesterday. Well done for bouncing back.

You are welcome to join this big group hug anytime ( Stuart and i will smell your hair at the same time, lol )

Have a great day

Denise :)


LOL, smelling hands and hair, we'll be like the monkeys over at edinburgh zoo lol

but thanks for the offer of the file clare, does that work on padded cells????


Stuart, I am quite sure if you keep at the padded cells long enough with the file it will eventually work lol, just dont forget to send me the visitors pass so I can visit :D:D


Clare, just bring in some vosene shampoo and a couple of bath bombs from lush, lol.

Going now before i get too giddy! lol


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