No Smoking Day
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So far so good

Haven't said hello yet so, HELLO.

On day 8 of being a NON SMOKER and so far its all plus.

Think the Champix must take most of the credit but the night time cough and wheeze has completely gone, the CO has gone from 20 to 6 (nurse reckons its now the same as a non smoker) and i even managed a little jog with the dog and still here to brag about it :)

Only slight downside is the damn hunger pangs, I'm close to eating trees if i had salt and pepper with me :D.

Early days yet so i am expecting it to get harder.

Good luck to everyone else.

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Champix will only work with WILLPOWER. Don't sell yourself short, YOU are doing this, with a little help that's all. We all need help whether it's nrt, champix, this forum or anything else we use, but you must have willpower and that's what gets you through :D


Hi Crispo and well done you on getting to day 8 :D

as Shojam says the champix is only an aid so you should be so proud of your achievement

sipping water will help with the hunger pains and chopping some fresh fruit and veg up to nibble on also seeds and nuts are pretty good too

just remember to keep hands and mind busy till the craving past and it will

onwards and upwards is the way to go :)


Thank You both,

You're right about the veggies and nuts Carol, trouble is i love nuts and could/would easily polish of the biggest bag of mixed nuts and raisins in a jiffy:(

And how nice do apples taste when you're not a smoker:D

Ive never eaten so much fruit and veg:eek:.

I know its good for me but don't think its doing the ozone layer a lot of good:o


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