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No Smoking Day
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Day 75??

Good morning everyone. I believe this is day 75. My last cigarette was New Years Eve. My offical quit day was 01/01/2012!!! With the leap year that should make it 75 days today!!

I must say I am feeling great!!! Every once in a while I will have the urge for one but I just brush it off. I will never let my guard down but I don't really want to smoke much anymore except when I am stressed or mad.

So, how are all my other New Year revolutions people doing??? Still hanging in there???

BTW...yesterday was the official No Smoking Day, right? Well, I posted it on my Facebook events and invited my family and friends. I had 22 people join me yesterday in "No Smoking Day", just from my circle.....not bad!!!! ppat

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Well done ppat. Seems a lifetime ago week 1 and all the excitement and stress, hope and despair it brings. Good to read some of the week one posts to refresh the memories.

75 days = a hell of a lot of cigs not smoked,

Im day 69 today about 1,380 nicotine delivery sticks declined.

Keep positive, I admire your strength.


Andrew, I was up to 60 fags a days so 60 X 75= 4,500....Wow. Or

$19.50 X 75 = $1,462.50 ( 3 packs a day@ $6.50 per pack). ppat


Pleased your quit is going well pat - magic :)


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