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15.03.12 My Day 1, Again


So iv been trying to quit unsucessfully from the start of january been able to go days without the devils tit but it doesnt take much to spark up again.

Im doing it today tho, after last nights nicotine bing im getting rid of this habbit once and for all.

Iv been smoking for 6 years heavily, 20-30 a day.

Tried nicotine replacement theory its not for me, only hides the cravings doesnt destroy them and i find once i come off the patches/gum/ whatver the urge is too strong and too suprising for me to fight.

So here i am, been off nicotine for almost 3 hours now can already feel my lightheadedness kicking in.

I almost enjoy this feeling its strange like being tipsy but more airie in the brain.

Weird but cheers and i look forward to having a support network to help me through it.

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If you keep trying you are obviously determined.

Stick at it you can beat it.

Never give up giving up.

just keep trying

Hello follower sorry to hear of your relapse. Just pick yourself up and start all over again. Everyone loves a trier you'll get there it's not race but go for it


Good luck with your quit, you can do it, yes you can,

all the best, xx

Hey it's no shame bcs you went back on the smokes. I stopped for 9 years and still ended up being back on them after I got divorced. Stopped again when for over 4 yrs and still ended up back on them again. I have as my log in name suggests an addictive personality but I'm having another crack at it .... don't look upon it as losing something .... look upon it as gaining so much.

Keep at it - I'm cold turkey too and as hard as it is I find for me this is the only way to go. Lots of ppl on here to support you so fight those horrendous cravings - only 3 mins and they're over - play a game on here, go in the garden and scream - whatever it takes to get you by .......!

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