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Made day 4!


Hiya :-)

After a terrible day yesterday (feeling exhausted, and nauseous and actually was sick.. almost pregnancy like symptoms if I didn't know otherwise! lol) plus a bad chest, I made it through.

I had a random urge to start exercising last night, which I did for a short while and it helped a little.

Not feeling 100% like the nicotine is out of my system yet, but feeling a lot better today than I did yesterday!

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Well done. Keep it up and you will feel better day by day.

Keep the exercise going you will find it really helps. Just remember little and often is better if you are not used to regualar exercise

YEAH excercise is good keeps u distracted lifts your mood prevents womblism.


:) Hi Lythia, welcome and well done in getting to day 4.

Exercise is really good, and eat well lots of fruit, and veg raw carrots are nice or celery. Keep of the chocolate otherwise the scales will hit the roof lol.

All the best n you quit.


Quit Date: 10.2.12

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