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Heading into month 2

Hi Everyone,

I am heading into month 2 and am generally feeling the benefits but my moods are up and down sometimes quickly and dramatically. I do not like this.

Everyone I know is commenting on how well I look but inside I am feeling insecure. I am prone to panic attacks and have felt a bit dodgy a few times recently. I have just started taking Passiflora to try and control this.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hi Dottie,

Sorry, I'm not able to give any advice about panic attacks, but I will say this:


Keep up the great work.



Another well done from me. Funny how smoking makes us feel secure at the same time as choking the life out of us, i cant comment on panic attacks and Passiflora, i did used to beleive smoking reduced anxiety and after getting an education know that to be a dammn lie. Since quitting smoking 5 mths ago my anxiety levels have dropped dramatically in fact im becoming a very chilled unflustered up for anything not scared of owt Dude.



Congrats on getting here! I too am not sure about anxiety, but I can be really evil with my moods, and have found I need to consciously take a break. If I feel the red mist I act like I would have as a smoker and storm outside, but instead of lighting up I walk around the block. This seems to help immensely. I think when I smoked I would use the cig as an excuse to get away when I was angry, I still need to get away, just dont need to cig!

I have also started consciously deep breathing - it is part of relaxation, and something we as smokers used to do a lot for the wrong reasons, I now do a few deep breaths every now and then and it helps me!


:)Hi Dottie and WELL DONE, panic attacks I have had those many years back, you have to be able to breathe in from the pit of your tummy and exhale slowly, another good one get a paper bag has to be paper, and blow gently into it believe me this does work, but other than that you could try going to a relaxation group I did that at my local doctors it defo works.

Anyway hope i have been able to help you.

All the best in your quit.


Quit Date: 10.2.12



I seemed to get all my panic attacks in the lead up to quitting. Once I had really got my quit underway, things seemed to calm down for me.

If you check out my first post that I made, though, Strawberry gave some really good advice on relaxation that may help.

Good luck.



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