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hi everyone

tonight is the night when i have my last one, i had given up for a year and became addicted to the lozenges, i started smoking again about a year ago and had both cigarettes and lozenges, so a few weeks ago i quit the the lozenges and couldn't believe how addicted i was, i was having one basically all day long, i would have one straight after i smoked! yes ridiculous i know. so here i am, i have almost forgotten about the lozenges and now its time to quit smoking. i'm going through quite a stressful time at the moment and its going to be very hard, i know they say to pick your moments but it is playing havoc with my asthma (i had no asthma symptoms when i last quit)and today i have had chest pain all day long and i must say that i am worried, i cant stand smoking, i cant stand anything about it. i'm really fed up and its going to be extremely difficult but i'm going to give it my best, i found this place and thought that it might help keep me positive and i will hopefully gain some inspiration from everyone who has managed to give up the awful habit

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At least you know what to expect, you should plan for these times now ut more importantly smoking will definately excacerbate your chest problems so any enefits I can imagine will be very welcome and a good positive to focus on.

Good luck and keep posting


thank you

i have been preparing myself all day, i still cant get over actually starting again, it was absolute madness! i am going to stay away from all situations where my guard will be down which means so social gatherings for me lol, but i dont care if i have to stay in all my life, i'd rather be happier and healthier than mess it up for the sake of a night out.

just want to get tomorrow over and done with so at least i can have the first day feeling of achievement to spur me on


Good luck with your quit, and your chest will be so much better for it,

you can do it, one day at a time, :)

I stopped through a bad chest infection, i feel so much better already and it has only been 15 days, and i have a great feeling of achievement, every day i feel better.................and smell better, no more stale smoke smell;lol xxxx

good luck with your quit.


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