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So far, so good!


On the basis of a 24 hour day, I'm heading into the 14 hour, smoke-free.

Last night, I began a free, WordPress blog, which for now I'm keeping private (for my eyes only), which gives me a place to journal about my quit. I've been adding posts already and expect to use that journal to write about my cravings, among other things, rather than smoke. I suspect it will have MANY posts before long!

Anyway, just wanted to say that so far, so good for me. I'm in the midst of a mini-crave right now (which is why I came to the forum, rather than head for a convenience store to buy cigarettes!), but it's okay. It's not killing me. I can handle it.

I'm sooooo looking forward to being able to say with confidence, "I'm an ex-smoker." That's a few days or weeks ahead, BUT it's up there somewhere!

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Well done for making it through the first dAy of the rest of your (smoke free) life.

The journal blog should be a really good distraction.

Good luck and keep posting

well done from me to, keep up the good work, you can do it,:)

you will get the urdge to smoke, but it will soon pass, every day for me seems a little easier, and i am feeling good,

I still keep thinking i'll just have a cig, ...........then say to myself i don't smoke, good luck with your quit xxxx

Well done.

I wish I had kept a journal. It would be good to have something to look back on and see the difference. Good luck


Well done.

I wish I had kept a journal. It would be good to have something to look back on and see the difference. Good luck

Well, I'm only on Day 1 and I already have several entries in the journal! I suspect that will change as I get used to the quit.


Well, I'm only about 90 minutes from completing Day 1, and having 24 smoke-free hours under my belt.

That's pretty exciting for me, for sure! I can't remember when I have gone 24 hours without smoking since I picked up the habit again about six years ago.

Day 1 was NOT a killer day. Towards the evening, I got some strong cravings, but now, as I look back at one in particular, it's kind of funny. I'd just come back from the store, and as I was getting out of the car I got a STRONG urge to smoke a cigarette.

It was so strong I decided to time it, to see how long it lasted. I took my groceries inside, and made a mental note of the time. I think it was 7:23 or something.

And then - I completely forgot about the urge. I have no idea how long it lasted, because it just sort of evaporated shortly after I glanced at the clock. Must have, because I didn't see it go!

I had several pretty strong urges later tonight, and in fact am having one right now - but I'm so close to my first 24 hours this urge does' t have a chance.

And, as they say, "I choose to quit. For today, I choose to quit."

Now it's off to bedtime.

See y'all tomorrow! :)

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