No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Hi everyone on we quit,

Today is my first day of no cigarettes had my last one at 8.30 last night. I am on champix and this is my 22nd day taking the tablets. If I was not on the Champix I know I would just be pulling my hair out by now!! I have never before managed to go half a day without a ciggi so I am very proud of myself!

All the very best to all of you that are giving up the ciggis today good luck to you all....


Smoked 20+ per day

Smoked for 38 years.

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Well done on day 1. Keep reading, it really does help :D


Well done, to you, take one day at a time and don't give in to the little white stick......Beat it.... good luck and keep reading on here it really does help,

im on patches day 15 and well chuffed,:)


Well done to you, you are gonna see some nice changes in yourself real soon



I'm a newbie too. We're all fighting the good fight!


Thank you for all your support it means so much and its a fantastic motivator I am now on day 2 so doing really well at the moment.

Good luck to you all

xxx :D


I'm on champix too and today is my 17th day, I'm quitting tomorrow. Well actually, I'm quitting from the time I go to bed tonight. The few cigarettes that are left are going to be torn up and put in the bin, along with the lighter and the disgusting ashtray. Good luck :)


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