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2 months cig free 1 stone heavier


Hello peeps xxx

its gud to know that this site exists x I'd been a smoker for 12 yrs and well just like a switch.. switched off from smoking 10th jan 2012!

It was abs hell... the craving/withdrawal symptons etc but i got through it and its really nice to know that so have you!

The down side is i've put on 8lbs so now weigh 9.st8... I can't seem to stop eating. I used to be 12st in 07 but joined w8 watchers.

Me being cig free is really down to the assistance of the e-cigs.. They are just too gud...

Since the last 62 days of smoke free,, i have bought 6/7 e-cigs. (each e-cig are equivalant to 25 cigs) I was on 18 a day before xx

Has any 1 got n e tips or n e kind words .. I am exercising regs eating healthy and really cut down on alcohol too.. Ppl have commented that my face has a really nice glow now

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Well done for getting this far.

You sound a lot like me.

I Quit on the 8th Jan so were practically at the same stage. I've put on a bit of weight too. Everything tastes soooo good and I'm hungry all the time.

Nicotine's a stimulant so most will put a bit of weight on even if they don't eat more. I'm ready to do something about the weight gain too I'm starting to eat healthier so no more macdonalds or crisps maybe still a bit of chocolate as a reward. If we can quit smoking I'm sure we can lose the weight!!!!


Well done on your quit, I know how you feel though. I am coming up to the 6 month mark next week and my weight seems to have settled now at 1.5 stone heavier than before I quit. Really going to get into watching what I eat and more excercise now, as you say if we can stop smoking we can lose the weight :) I keep chanting to myself ' move more, eat less':D


I find it sooooooo hard to try and maintain my weight. It was something I worried about before stopping smoking. I think because everyone says you do put on weight. I think it's a bit more complicated as at first I actually lost wieght and now I find I just want to reward myself with sweet treats because I've quit!!:D

I think the thing is to try and snack healthily. I've decide to buy more fruit and sometimes substitue a diet fizzy drink when I want to eat and wait for a bit to see if I'm still hungry. It's what I'm doing today in fact. Drinking more water doesn't work for me.:mad:

If all else fails, you could always try Weight Watchers again as you know that it works.

Good luck x


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