No Smoking Day
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Hello all

I wanted to share my experience with you all that are trying to stop using the champix method.......for those of you that are not using this but succeeding.......well done !

This is my third attempt to stop using champix so I feel quite 'experienced' in what NOT to do...........Champix definitely make it easier to quit but I have realised that there is no room for is all or nothing. In the past i have gone for day's without smoking only to lapse and have 'one' here and there......all this does is make you feel lousy and ultimately smoke far I am on day 12 of champix and have not smoked at all for the past 4 day's. Yesterday and today has been quite difficult but I am summoning the will power not to give in. I have realised that champix cannot work alone but is a tremendous help therefore this time I am not going to work against them........I'm really hopeful this time and YES i already feel better

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Well done. Keep it up and you will get there.

It does not matter which method you use you still have to have some will power, just think positive and tell yourself you can do it and really believe you can do it and you will



Thanks for your encouragement..... I'm in one way finding it hard but in another way each day that I get through is such an achievement that I'm driven not to fail ..... I so hope I can do this especially as I'm a strong person in every other way ! You have done really well yourself and hope it continues x



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