No Smoking Day
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They miss me more than I miss them!

Had a minger today I'm afraid, wife gonna divorce me , everything's a trial , so tired all the time . Sleeping like a bear in winter, eating like a pig, generally feel dreadful, slept for two hours today with the inhalator in my mouth consequently have a tongue like a year old flip flop.

On the other hand I'm not smoking and enjoying not smoking, they want me back though! Oh yes but I'm not going. You read some posts on here mind, and it makes you think that well my quits not so bad, not killed anyone including myself not got leathered and smoked a load of roll ups not chased the guy outside sainsbury's who blew smoke In my face two days in with a shovel. So could be worse.

The main things for me are no1 I'm not French no2 I'm not a man city fan no 3 I'm not piers Morgan. Life is definatly worth living and smokeless to boot.

They miss me I loved them but now they are gone.

Day 24 I want the full month no cheatin😳

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