Day 14 whoop whoop

I am being promoted to week 3 tomorrow hooray. I feel good apart from this blooming cough, wish it would do one:mad:. Week 3, never thought I would see it out here, thought I would be celebrating behind bars due to committing murder:eek:. Hasn't been that bad really, I just have to keep reminding myself that I don't smoke. I am always looking for my ciggies, amazing the tricks your mind plays on you. Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you may be doing. Its a lovely day and I for one am going to enjoy all the smells of spring:D

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  • :D well done :D

    it wont be long before your counting in months

    onwards and upwards is the way to go :)

  • What can I say apart from a big, well done to you :D

    It'll be month one before you know it - just remember how strong you were on the last quit :)

    Pooks x

  • :) Hi Shojam, Well done on getting to day 14, its nice when you move up to the next stage, makes it all worth while. Hope you had a good Sunday, the weather has been ba beauty today.

    All the best for week 3.


    Quit Date: 10.2.12

  • Well Done Shojam. it really isnt that bad is it! keep going and u just get more alive, more money in your pocket, time for people and your face fits in more places. Smoking is so 1950s.


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