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No Smoking Day
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Still here . . . Still hanging on . . Not smoking

Hello everyone . . not had much chance to get on here apart from to have a quick browse now and then (computer problems) but just wanted to check in (hope everyone's doing ok)

5 weeks tomorrow :D Cravings have been lessening . . still trying not to eat everything in sight! Still on the sugar free chewing gum after meals etc (cos I feel I just have to occupy myself at those trigger times)

Jo xx

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Yes the cravings do lessen...I'm on day 46 but they do rear their head. :( Glad you're still with your quit... Me too!

Best of luck



Thanks Pinkinc . . coming on here is part of me 'programme' . . I find that if I have a few day's away from it (which I've had to do whilst my computer is acting up) then I can get a bit complacent and sort of forget how well I'm doing. Glad I've got access again. Congrats on day 46 xx well done.


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