No Smoking Day
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Made it past Day 3

Day three done and dusted!!! Now I look back and think it wasn't that hard, but remembering yesterday all I did was do stuff, anything but not smoke!! I cleaned an already sparkling house, went shopping, got a massage, went swimming, watered the garden and did some work before bed. Wow that's a lot usually that would take me a week to do!!! Just show's how much time I smoked and how lazy it made me. I can't say I'm full of energy, probably the opposite but doing stuff takes my mind off smoking!!! I've also been getting into the green tea, I think this is developing into my new habit.

Tonight should be OK, just going out to dinner with my OH and his parents, his parents don't smoke and he doesn't smoke in front of them, so should be a walk in the park!!!!

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Hey, well done x


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