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Why is everyone telling me to go cold turkey???? I am not mentally strong enough for that. This forum used to be a safe haven for me but not anymore. I am starting to dread coming on here now, and that is sad.


P.S. Champix worked for me so I am giving it another go. And if anyone doesn't like it then lump it, but please don't bully me and make me go CT cos I can't. Yeah ok I'm weak but honest.

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Zoe ,

never mind what anyone else tells you,do it your way whatever you decide its your quit and your choice,if it works for you then its the right choice,its all very well for some self righteous tit who's been quit for years to tell you to 'man up' but they're not you. rant over.


Do whatever is best for you...champix made me ill hence im doing over the moon:)


i used patches and inhalator and am very proud of this fact if i tracked back through my old posts i believe i wrote a post very similar to yours i felt inadequate compared to the CT posters

but i knew there is no way in a million years i would have been strong enough for CT so dont feel you have to follow the crowd you do wat you want and need to do zoe

i know for a fact i would not be here a year down the line if i had not used patches and inhalator i know for a fact i would still be smoking and wouldnt have even attempted a quit at all without NRT

it got me in the right place mentally and it got me where i am today so u go for it zoe and you do it however u see fit



Do your own thang know yourself best and just prove to others that CT isn't the only way huh?

Lisa x


Zoe ,

never mind what anyone else tells you,do it your way whatever you decide its your quit and your choice,if it works for you then its the right choice,its all very well for some self righteous tit who's been quit for years to tell you to 'man up' but they're not you. rant over.

Hey Stu,

thanks so much for your post I feel better now :)

Some of the long termers put the frightners on me, really they do. I thought if I quit it would all be done and dusted within a month but it seems not so :confused: Don't know what to expect now.

Zoe xx


Hey HE, boo and Lisa, thanks :D

Feel more positive now thanks to you all. Had lost my confidence so thanks.

Zoe xxxx


your welcome,i know what you mean about 'long termers' but after all this fantastic forum is supposed to be aimed at people all with the same goal to get off smoking and stay off for good and for us all to come to get and give support to one another.Maybe some people just lose sight off that a little but it doesnt justify giving anyone a hard time about their method of quitting.Using aids to get off the cigs doesnt make you any less of a person than someone going ct .


If stopping was easy, 25% of the world would not be smoking!!!

You've had a 50 day quit that you should be proud of...we are all sure you can beat that target when you put your marvellous cat knitting mind to it!!!

Use whatever you need to use to help you...chin up, keep clam and carry on quitting :D 99.9% of us are right behind you!!!


I planned my quit so I would succeed. I looked at the success percentages of each method, listened to advice, checked this website then chose appropriately. It suited me - it don't suit everyone.

If some sad ego thinks their prefered method is superior - they need to get a life!

(research sociopath or egotist to get a full description)


I actually think the people who quit cold turkey successfully (lets say successful is more than 4 months for the sake of argument) somtimes have a difficult mindset in understanding that it was "that easy".

I actually found this quit the easiest ever, and didn't really have a problem with cravings. But I've had years of trying to quit, where I've used patches, only to fall back to smoking as soon as I had a night out, or as soon as the patch wasn't enough.

The problem is that you tend to forget how difficult the first few weeks are when you've done it yourself.

Stick to what works for you.. As long as it's not smoking


Man up or woman up?

Yes, each to their own. Apparently, women can find it more difficult than men to give up smoking. The fat layer under the skin of women is thought to be the major culprit since nicotine is fat soluble & the fatty layer "holds on" to the nicotine.


Haha.. "You can't give up because you're fat".. Take that!!


Whatever works for you is the best way!

Everyone is different, there is no right or wrong way to quit.



WOW - after 50 odd days it has just dawned on me :eek:- I have no cigs - I am not being daft here. For most of my life I have carried these little shits around with me. From my first job at 15 on a pig farm where a large sow ate my cigs and lighter (got the dinted zippo lighter back after hitting pig over head with brush but mourned over the eaten cigs) to the I am hiding and sneaking a cig away from the grandkids for 6 months prior to Dec 9th. In other words they were always on my mind and in my pocket. (Or in the pig)

I am going to use this saying as a mark of passage, it's going to be one of my catch-phases in my diary! :D

Cheers PH


The pig that helps to say no to the cig is a wise animal.

Be careful though you may be accused of using an outside agent to assist with the quit. Man up or pig off.

Congrats on getting past a half century :)


Lol Andrewg.

Agreed, each to their own. Wish I could use nrt to quit but unfortunately its not for me. Boo. If people need a lil help with their quit then thats cool, we'be all got the same end goal.


porcine therapy

think Dicko has invented new smoking cessation method. People could be prescribed Champigs instead of Champix.....your personal cig eating pig, plus a way of having a real live piggy-bank.

See, i knew it would be dodgy having more oxygen going to my brain.

How many smoky bacon rashers a day habit are you on now Dicko?



It's nice to meat you all. However, I think you have all been a bit rash and my skins cracking. I am just going to trot off now as I think I have made a ham of this! :D


Since when has it ever been 'week' to admit that you need help? On the contrary, Zoe: don't get upset, hun. I don't think you realise it, but you've already made some huge leaps along your journey. Use whatever help you need, and you WILL get there.

I had one goal: to be smoke free. And now I am. I'm 'cold-turkey' now, but only because I used NRT at the start of my quit. What more can I say except that it worked for me.

I smoked like the industrial revolution. I'm also trying to cope with mental illness. I still managed to quit, but I would NOT have done it without help. A 'friend' of mine once bragged that she could quit at anytime. She smoked far less than me. I told her that I wish I could quit, but that I was utterly addicted. Well, she still smokes, 'safe' in the knowledge that she can quit at any time. And me? Well, I've already quit -- safe in the knowledge that I could start again at anytime I wanted. EVERYTHING is relative.

Like I said: take all the help you need and DO IT YOUR WAY - a way YOU can be proud of.

Good luck!


Day 126:

I use the Cold Turkey method. I never even considered any other, never looked into it at all. I just did it.

How other people give up is of no help to me whatsoever, what is of help, is that members of this forum help each other by sharing experiences, offering support and advice when the quit gets tough. We all have a common goal, how we get there should not be an issue.

Remember the advice we were given when we first became parents

"There is no right way or wrong way to raise children, just do what you think is best"

Quit smoking is exactly the same.

Do we all get it now?


oink oink Dicko, i won't boar you with my hammy humour, or gilt trip you....giggle giggle

gonna saddle up my nicotine-free saddle back and ride right on out of this smoky bacon town


If you still have your bad chest hilary, try some oinkment :D


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