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Day 5 remember me??


Here I am again two packets of boiled sweets later and going cold turkey for the 2nd time. It does feel a little better this time round.

The first attempt I found that I could not get the words roll up or smoke out of my head to the point where I gave myself a headache. I think the blip I had was good as it makes you realise what you had achieved and to the point where you think actually, smoking doesnt suit me or my life style any more. (My word doesnt it smell, you dont realise how much)

So I dont regret my 1st attempt because its made me stronger this time around and im not thinking about it half as much. It feels great being in control again. I do feel like a new person in the making.

Is everyone else coping ok? keep going we can do it!

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hi day four..tricky

Hi Surferchick

I'm still confused where to post in this site...never mind. Day four and i'm on 20 carrot sticks a day! cold turkey quit. The first three days have been ok. Today harder because OH is around (has been away with work for a couple of days) and although he's not smoking in front of me...i can smell it (even though its yuck) and i know roll ups are in the house.

Hardly slept at all last night..par for the course i gather. Anyway, really glad this site and all you wonderful people are here


Hi Hilary,

I know it confuses me but to be honest it doesnt take a lot.

Oh no, my OH has also quit at the same time, so congrats because that must be tough. You are doing great to be on day 4.

Its weird the insomnia I havent slept properly for a little while now not sure to putting down to the quit or the cat being a pickle?

Good for you being on carrot sticks maybe that might be the healthier way to go about it. I have also been drinking a lot of green and nettle tea. Tastes gross but seems to have that kick I need to beat that craving plus my skins looks so much better. This forum has been a god send its so nice to chat to others in the same boat. I never thought quitting would have so many benefits like it has done and how addictive I was to that little thing.

One thing I dont miss is making a roll up on a windy day, I look back and it makes me laugh, ahhh the desperation.


Hi Surferchick

well, carrot sticks sounds good. Thats earlier in the day. Then it deteriorates to two big fat cappuccinos, sugar lumps and chocolate! Trying to be nice to OH (who i think was trying to do some kind of cut down thing a few days ago, after he saw the alan carr book being ploughed through by me), but he may be the cat that gets kicked.

And thanks, you've reminded me....the last time i tried to roll and light a fag in a high wind, was clinging to a cornish hillside. I ended up grovelling about on the ground and rolling about trying to get out of the wind. OH and a friend were further up the hill. "what the hell is she doing" was the comment passed. Makes me giggle just to picture it.


Thats brill, love cornwall ahh bring on summer.

The thing is I keep on treating my self for exp chocolate, sweets anything fatty, greesy its mine any excuse. I have always been good with my food but now all my rules go out the window. Food and I have a new friendship, nom!

May have to invest in this Alan Carr book everyone says its good. I actually thought its was Alan Carr the comedian everyone was talking about at first, wish it was that would be funny read. :)

Ok the weekend is upon us I find its gets a bit hard now as Im used to having a glass of red wine or two or three..... but I have l aso cut out the vino for the time being. Must be strong!! :rolleyes:


Day 5

Hi on day 5 as well, getting there, but theres this wee voice in my head saying have a fag quite a few times a day, hope it gets easier day 6 tommorow, well done to everyone! :)


I know, my inner voice is on overdrive tonight I just want to tell it to shhhhhh. I know, I will eat more yummy food!! :D Well done for day 5 Vixen111!! :)


Well Surferchick and Vixen...that makes three of us with day 5 ranty inner voices. Maybe its because its Saturday evening, OH has finished his antibiotics so is whistling as he cracks open another beer. I'm even sniffing right inside his mouth trying to cruise along in his nicotine wake. How sad is that!

However, love film sent us Gran Torino, so i've just spent the evening watching Clint Eastwood chain smoking and coughing up blood as he looks at his hospital results. So, that knocked the cravings off for a while!


That was a tough old evening, there is only so much tea you can drink. Especially when on TV everyone seemed to be smoking and drinking ah the taunting. Know what you mean I walked past so many smokers yesterday I had to stop myself taking a drag from their fag when they weren't looking.

Feeling great today for not giving in, hurrah self control wins!

Day 7, start of week 2 come on girls we can do this! ;)


Great ,well done guy


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