No Smoking Day
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Day 20

My shower still leaking thro' kitchen ceiling, my little girl just informed the central heating is making a funny noise, absolutely pants day at work, only good thing about today no fags and out of the teens.

All minor stuff in the great scope of things, but normally would = plenty smokes, so pleased it hasnt.

Re understanding why we smoke, Id like to know how certain brands get you. As i handed over my £7.00 pound odd, you see all sorts of boxes a good 20-30% less yet my loyalty to brand never waivered no matter how skint. How do they do that?:confused:

Hope all week free's ok and keep going.

Seems odd when/if day 22 comes and move to month 1, but up for it (shouldnt there be a week 4?)

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Well done Andrew. Sounds like you will be spending your former fag money on a few home improvements!


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