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Here I go again !

So today marks my first day all over again.

today would have been one week, but instead , 1 DAY.

I was.doing ok untill yesterday , me and my family were at the hospital, while my grandmother was having surgery. Everyone in my family smokes, so they took breaks often to go outside, I went , one thing led to another, and i smoked one(it was nasty- and like I said, back on day one now:)

I'm ok with it, I'm happy that I'm getting back on my quit attempt is cold turkey.

Looking foward to the support:)


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Sorry to hear you had a wobble, but it's only a little setback -really it means you've only had 1 in a whole week, which I'm guessing is a bit of an improvement from before :)

Hope you find it OK getting back on your feet, all the best to you!


Thanks for your reply, and yes, 7 in one week, as opposed to 2 packs a day:)

But I will get back on my feet, I'm only 27 and don't want to make smoking my whole life!!!

Thanks again



I meant 1 in 7 days , not 7 in one week...yikes !!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^


you can do it D.. get back on the bike.


Originally Posted by danielle261

Hey pammie

I just wanted to see how you were doing on day 5...

I am really having a hard 3&4 was the worst!

We went out of town for my husbands birthday and I swear , EVERYONE

around me was smoking!!!

Yesterday I ran to the store, said I was not ready and bought a pack.

I came home excited to lite one up, as my husband and kids were disappointed I can tell, which made me feel Like a complete failure. But as I lit it , and took a puff, It was the most DISGUSTING tasting smellyest thing I've ever put in my mouth, I threw it down and stomped on it. I was excited, but at the same time I felt very sad. Idk if that makes sence. I couldn't understand why i was craving such a nasty thing. But I was extremely relieved.

I'm going to say I'm proudly on day 5 with a little mishap yesterday .(what a waste of $5)

I'm going to stay strong, chew lots of gum, start walking every morning, and gym in evening. I will do it, because I never want to put that nasty smelly thing near me again, and honesty , I can't believe that's what I smelled like ? I feel bad for my husband who had to.smell that for.the last 8 yrs.

Keep your head up, I hope I'm helping you, as much as your words have helped me.


Hi Danielle,

Hope you are doing good!

Read your post and wanted to reply. Just wanted to say well done for stubbing out that cigarette and getting right back on with your quit. Don't feel like a failure or beat yourself up about taking a puff.. as someone else said on the forum quitting can be a bit like riding a bike and sometimes when we are learning we have to fall off , dust ourselves down and get straight back on again.

I've been having really strong cravings too. Apparently this is common in the early days and it does get easier from what others have said. I don't know if this will help you but, I imagine the craving as the nico demon a horrible monster who is out to rob me of my life and its at this point I say to myself "I'm stronger than you so get lost!" usually in not so nice words!.

Over the past few days , its been really challenging dealing with the trigger points and there have been many times where I've felt really frustrated at dealing with the situations where I would usually have a cigarette e.g., cross words with OH , after doing housework , school run etc etc etc. ( There seems to be a cigarette for certain situations) This has made me tearful, but like you I won't give into this and I really want to succeed . I am trying to develop alternative strategies , like deep breathing and muttering crossly under my breath! when I get angry or upset.

I've found it really helpful to incorporate exercise into my day as I find this makes me feel a lot better and more positive as it gets the endorphins in the brain flowing similar to those which are released in the brain when we smoke. My little one (aged 1) keeps looking at me as if to say what ?we're going for another walk mummy?. I think she's going to start hiding from me soon.

Keep posting I think this forum is so important in keeping our motivation up and in sharing each others experience. We are all in this together.

Keep up the good work D !.



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Danielle I wrote this reply to you the other day ..dont know if you saw it Just read your latest post today. Well done you for getting right back on that bike... you can do it because you really want to and you can.




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