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Day 7 - Day 8

Hi All

I'm actually into day 8 as I quit at 11pm on the 18th. I count from the 19th as I was asleep from 11.30. So for me this is 1 week!


I am still thinking about smoking, the cravings are quite strong today, but I'm also thinking about what a waste of the last few days it would be if I did. During the day when I think about smoking it feels quite difficult to not do it but when I get into bed at the end of the day I feel proud that I didn't listen to those thoughts and each day I get through, makes me more determined to get to the next.

I am still eating a cupboard full of junk food though, I'll sort that out soon :)

Thanks for reading


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Kat ,

I feel your joy!.... week out for me too and it feels blooming great. I don't know about you but my taste and smell is being rediscovered, unfortunately everything tastes and smells better or worse ( I can still smell stale smoke on some on my jackets) Yuk! and I think the champix makes the smell of smoke even more repellant.

Big test for me tomorrow my friends are having a birthday party for me . So wish me luck I think I'll be limiting the alcohol intake to one of two glasses, but I'm confident I won't crack, I feel I've come too far already and could not bear to start again. I am really pleased with the way things are working out with the champix and feel like they are helping me on my way . They do seem to be levelling themselves out as regards the sickness and i've hardly felt any nausea today ...long may it continue.

Well done us.



ps Just read your post on the champix group , about probs with your sleeping -hope your Doc is able to help.


Hi Pammie, thanks for the reply.

Something is definitely happening to my smell and taste, everything tastes a bit strange. Foods that I liked aren't tasting right and I've started eating brown bread (I have never eaten brown bread in my life), maybe I should try a few other things I haven't enjoyed :)

The sleep thing will hopefully be sorted soon, I just get incredibly grumpy if I'm tired and combined with agitation from quitting smoking my house is quite tense at the moment. My OH and cats are staying out of my way.

Hope you have a fab party tomorrow, do your friends know that you have quit? Maybe they could be the ciggie police and stop you if you are tempted. From what you have said I'm sure you'll be fine though.

Well done to you on week 1, can't wait to see the end of week 2



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