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Why so emotional? Day 14

Ok ...Day 14. I am doing really well with the cravings...

no patch for 3 days now. If I feel a craving, I will take 1/2 a lozenge..

place under the tongue..I am GOOD TO GO!

But why do I feel like walking away from my job...???

Nothing has my attention...when it comes to making a decision.

...I am baffled....Like a deer in the headlights!! I feel emotionally sad

...I can cry if I think of something sad that has happened...

NORMALLY I am a positive person...

happy go lucky...Why so blah...???

Is this a NORMAL thing to occur? I should expect this?

Does anyone relate to what I am typing here?

I do NOT Like this being SAD..negative like.

Is this depression??? Ghheeeezzzz...

This is throwing me off here! HELP PLEASE!

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Don't walk away from your job, i get them as well, just mad up and downs as the body well more mind adjusting to being stuck in the ways with cigs as the out let that has now gone, good/bad happy/sad/angry days are all part of the process, one day at a time while keeping a head with all the shite that comes with it, good luck and keep going, Im only a few days in front of you so i know how you feel as will a lot more.


This too will pass. Just hang on in there because you have done the most difficult bit. Try to stay as calm as possible, and when you feel negative, do your best not to dwell on it and feed it. See your feelings for what they are - just another part of the quitting process, and don't act on them. You will find that over time, things will get easier, lighter, and brighter. :)


I feel exactly the same. i was feeling great for the first 2 weeks and now this week i am tired, a wee bit down, pissed off at stuff for no reason and feel like i could cry a bit but i dont want to smoke though. i am hoping after 3 weeks this gets better though as everyone is talking about the 3's (does this mean week 3 - as in Day 14 - 21)??


Boy I really thank you all for the kind and supportive words...I scheduled a Dr. appt next Friday...I think I am depressed. Day 16 and 5 day NO patch...only thing I take per say, is a lozenge when I think I need it..and that is only 1/2 a tablet under tongue. I am depressed with life in general. I lost a Great Guy to Combat PTSD..he is 3000 miles away in GA. The break up was in Early Nov 2011. No drama or anything, but that was the love of my life....but Combat PTSD is no joke..and no would have been easier if he cheated on me or with that, I have no ambition or drive..yes I will succeed at this no smoking..not really a big deal for some reason...but nothing excites me and I believe I am burnt out with my job. Over 12 yrs. I want to just sit down..take a break...but I feel depression is part of it as well. This forum is not for this, but all information is encouraging! God bless!


Im with you Bluetree.

I suffer with depression anyway, i thought maybe my pills ahd fizzled out or something. I now realise its because of stoppng smoking.

Stay strong, it will get easier.



Like Nick, I also suffer from depression anyway -- but the depression was far worse when I quit. It goes away after a while, though.


Now day 19!

Friends, I had a friend to tell me that I may have a Thyroid problem.

NOT depression...I said hmmm...I had an RX for

Thyroid issues over a year ago...I stopped taking the pills...

side effects bothered I look up the symptoms of Thyroid,

and it looks like this might be ME! OMG! I will see the Dr .

Friday...and if this is so, well my goodness...I can now see a

light at the end of the tunnel! I am an extrovert!

I am the person that gets high on life! I am 99% a happy person....

right now its all different shades of Grey....I gotta fix this and quick

and in a hurrryyy!!!! I am doing pretty good on the no smokes ...

that in itself amazes me...but the rest of me has got

to come back to life!!!!! Feeling depressed is not KOOL!

God Bless. :o


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