No Smoking Day
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Another sympton of quitting smoking is having to put up with other peoples self righteousness when they have stopped smoking themselves! Oh my days, my sis is the worst. I could strangle her. I remind her, occasionally, hmmm maybe quite regularly actually, that when she turns the key to start the engine of the Learner car she is learing to drive in, she is polluting a whole bigger space than what one cigarette can!

She is the worst ex smoker I have ever known. Preaching to people all the wrongs of smoking is fruitless, so why do it?? Ahh I could do with renting a small Island far from here to contain her on until she stops banging on about how bad smoking is! lol

*steps off soap box*

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Some of us still go outside with the smokers.

Some of us don't tut.

Some of us remember what it was like being a smoker for all those years.

I'm not mentioning any names mind.... :rolleyes:


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