Does the thought of smoking make you feel a bit nauseous?

I mean you know when you first started, smoking made you green. Right now the thought of smoking makes me feel a little ill...!

That's a good thing ofc. But I wondered if I was unique in this...

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  • It does now - but I had a blip in December (just had one cigarette in a moment when all brain cells went on holiday at the same time) - and that cigarette was utterly VILE so that is the last memory of smoking I have now - so yes, the thought of it does make me feel quite ill.

    And seeing someone smoke makes me feel a bit sick as well...

    How on earth did we become smokers :confused:

  • I seemed exciting at the time!

  • Y

    I can remember 20 odd years ago smoking being horrible and choking/coughing when I tried, but having to practice on my pen how to do it. Bonkers

    If I knew then what I know now

  • It's funny isn't it. I can look at someone smoking and think 'ooh, that looks kind of nice, I do miss it'. But if I stop for a second and imagine actually drawing smoke into my lungs I do feel a bit green, and I know for a fact I would have the most appalling coughing fit - possiblly even throw up - if I tried it. Not something I feel the need to prove to myself though.

    I remember teaching myself to smoke. What a f***ing numpty.

  • i remember exactly where i was when i had my first one in the park doh wish i had never started that day

    now the smell literally turns my stomach if someone has had a fag and comes to talk to me i have to try not to look like i am turning my nose up at them and i have to try real hard not to heave i tend to talk to them pretending to rub my nose so i can keep my hand over my nose and mouth so i can deflect some of the smell


  • Just into my 2nd month and stood with work smokers yesterday for a couple of minutes. I think I did this to test myself :D and it works, I have no intention of going back.

    However, I did notice a slight irritation inside of work with one of the smokers as his clothes stunk and his breath smelt like shite! :mad:

    I have no intention of being a massive anti-smoker but it does make me shudder. :eek:

  • Stopping weekend with Bro and sislaw both 30 a day smokers, we all just got up, they are now having normal 3 or 4 breakfast fags apiece - in the house!!

    had to come upstairs onto the computer as smell making me feel sooo sick!! Man did I really do that s**t to myself, can hear them both hacking now - unreal. Was tempted earlier in the week but over that now.


  • That's a bit inconsiderate of them Jonnie! When I was a smoker, I would go out back to smoke if I had guests.

  • Me too MJ...but everyone use to smoke at my parents house until I pointed out that my dad quit years ago and my mom doesn't smoke. So polluting their house was inconsiderate. My sister and her boyfriend go outside now :) My mom and dad are grateful :)

  • problem with my Bro and Sislaw is that they are lifelong hardened smokers, both are 60 ish years, they have always smoked in their house and don't understand how horrible it is for non smokers to sit in second hand smoke. Also they are quite houseproud but again they can't smell how bad there house stinks of fags because smokers can't smell it, now given up I can smell a smoker the second they enter the room especially if just put one out. Never want to smell like that again!!!


  • Fair enough. Not just set in their ways, but brung up in a different age I guess.

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