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Xmas craves

I've had a fairly uneventful few weeks without any real craves at all, even when out boozing. I've been slightly worried about Xmas as its a traditionally a quiet languorous time for me where I do pretty much what I want and previously this included smoking a lot :o Since I stopped smoking my weight has crept on a little, not too much. Technically I'm not even overweight but it does bother me as I've a bit of a belly so planning to lose at least a stone in new year if I can. I'm due at my mums for xmas and she keeps going on and on about how I'm going to get diabetes now since I'm so fat :mad: She did it to me again over the phone today and for the first time in ages I had a real proper craving. I just wanted to go and get some cigs and smoke them. I still do, but I won't I wont'....:( I don't want to cause an argument and spoil xmas for everyone else so will just keep quiet but I do fear for my quit :(

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Oh Jo, I do feel for you. Mums can be so oblivious at times, totally missing the point that we have QUIT SMOKING :rolleyes: Getting the same from mine now, "you could do with losing a bit of weight". Yeah right, and she could do with shutting her gob but can't say that can I :eek: So try and let it wash over you if you can, and also point out to her that smoking contributes to diabetes and the scientific fact that you would need to gain 75lbs in weight to equal the damage that smoking does to you. And enjoy yourself as much as you can, I have had one hell of a week this week and felt like smoking this afternoon but didn't phew. And in the New Year we can work on our weight, but now is really not the time when we are working so hard on the stop smoking malarky. Have a good Christmas Jo,


Zoe xxxx


what Zoe said! and

You will be fine i know its not gonna be easy and had my mum moan about my weight too and ive always been under weight until now, dont even wanna lose the weight just gonna stop it wobbling in the new year lol.

just remember this quit is for you not your mum or anyone else and you do what you need to do to keep it up even if it requires walking round the block a few times or stuffing your mums face with sweet smiles and yours with mince pies just remember its all about YOU and you CAN do it.

merry xmas x



:rolleyes: Can't live with 'em, can't get away with matricide....

Firstly, thank you for the reminder of what not to do to my kids... I hate the idea that they may be on some other forum moaning about something that I say to them!

I guess the thing to remember is that you are not her little girl any more - you are your own woman and she can't hurt you with these things unless you let her.

I reached a tipping point many years ago with my mum where she is more child-like than me, and now if she says anything like this to me, I just roll my eyes and it doesn't touch me.

Just like everyone else in this world, mums are fallible - they can be ignorant, thoughtless, insensitive and at times, just plain stupid. But in this season of tolerance, try to rise above it all, and have a great Christmas anyway. :)


Thanks to you all for taking time to reply, you really are a great forum bunch:) Xmas went without a hitch and me and mum managed to behave ourselves in the end and had a nice time. I was surprised at my craving as I have been mercifully crave free for a while now but I guess no one else hits the spot like my mum. Sure others have tried to wind me up, (some of my less nice work colleagues for eg) but no one can do it like mum :rolleyes:and I don't think she even WANTS to wind me up; She probably thinks she's doing me a favour in pointing out that despite my achievement in quitting nicotine I am still fat and probably even fatter than before and now that I don't have to worry about lung disease etc as much as before I have to worry about other diseases which are caused by being overweight :rolleyes: Oh well, rant over and er merry xmas all :o


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