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Day 75. Failure

I have failed. Today I bought some tobacco and have smoked 2 fags. Tastes vile, but the battle in my head is over. I have obtained a stupid sort of peace.

At the moment that is a stronger feeling than that other voice which is berating me...

...self-pitying, weak, doomed, stinking.

I'll start listening to that soon and I'll have another battle on my hands, but for the moment I'm going to go away and try and sort my head out.

Thank you for all your wonderful support over the last 75 days.

I do wish you all the best with your continuing quits.

I will be back here, hopefully soon.


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Oh Lizzie, don't go away. 75 days plus 2 (or more) fags do not equal failure. They just mean you're having a rough ride at a really tough time of year. You CAN get back on the wagon and do this - and we will all be here waiting to have you on board again. And the sooner you return to your quit, the easier it will be - you KNOW it will be worth it.

Thinking of you -



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