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Kinect Flasher

This will make you laugh cos my husband and I pissed ourselves. Well we have an xbox360 kinect which basically allows you to play console games without a controller. We decided to get an old game out to play....Kinect Adventures which is a bunch of mini-games which gets you to jump about and solve puzzles. Well after each level it takes your photo and puts it on your TV screen. It usually catches you in "twister" like positions or jumping mid-air. Well I had my nightie on (yes I know, sounds old put I gotta wear something with a 3 yr old about).....but I don't wear knickers. Yep you guessed it, the xbox kinect took various photos of me with my nightie thrown up and my minge clearly showing whilst I was jumping in mid-air. AND they're saved to my xbox. Better not play that game with my parents at xmas as it might flash up the photos......I can't seem to find where the photos are saved either!!!!!

LOL a flying minge attack....right cheered us up.

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That actually did make me laugh out loud! The idea of the inlaws getting an eyeful.. OMG!

:D :D

Moral: If you must leap about like a nutter, put some pants on.


haha very funny

when we play on ours i end up changing my clothes a few times cause i look rubbish in the photo it takes usually end up wearing black lol



Lets hope they don't end up on the internet!:D


lmao......perhaps you should have got your comb out to tidy it up first Lisa?? :D



perhaps Lisa has no need for a comb:D


hahahahahahaha :D:D:D


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