No Smoking Day
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:)I think one of the most helpful members here has a big celebration today :)

You star hellsbelles !!!!!

well done lovely lady ............your struggles and honesty have helped so many to know they are not alone .

Your loving support with real solid advice has been inspiring .

I dont post ......bit read and learn lots .........and could not let this day go without telling you what a star you are .

Get that chair pulled up and have the glass of Bolley darling !!! damn it have the bottle .


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Well done Helen, I noticed the date in your sig last night and wondered why you weren't shouting from the rooftops yet :D

Fantastic achievement x

Reply absolutely fab............... well done you :)


Many congratulations from me too Helen - hope you've got the best bar stool in the penthouse - you've been such an inspiration.

Well done - and many thanks,



well done helen i knew u would do it i will be with you in 9 short days does it look good the view from the penhouse


Well done Helen, a fine ambassador for the one year club. David



Just finished typing my marathon post and then noticed this!

Thanks Skylark, and everyone, I'm really touched. xxx


Well done Helen

;) Bloody relief isn't it, that first year around the sun!

Well done, and having read your entrance to the penthouse - can I just say you'll fit right in.....

Keep on keeping's all good.


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