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Well, having not posted for a little while, something happened last night and I thought about an earlier post I made here back in September.

I was out shopping for a last minute pressie last night, leaving the OH home with the kids.

My mate phoned up while I was just done with the shopping to say he was staying in town for a quick pint, and was just round the corner from me.

A quick pint turned into a "few quick drink" and then became "several drinks", and ended at 1:30 this morning in a bar with uncle Jack Daniels.

When I got up for work this morning (with headache present of course), I realised that I hadn't even thought about smoking all night!

After posting 3 months ago about having panic attacks at the thought of going out and not smoking, it's amazing how the mind seems to have got disassociated with smoking and alcohol! Now if only I could remember what it was I bought for presents!!

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Hey Barney,

Right on!! Good post...I echo that completely. Go back to when we started this life change, there was not a hope in hell I thought I would ever drink alcohol or coffee ever again. Now, its only after the fact that I think about a smoke with them, and it ususally goes "Wow, I drank a fair bit last night and didnt want one smoke...huh".

Merry Christmas Barney to you and yours and Happy New Year!



Hey Barney,

Glad to hear it - Just like you my main fear when I set out on this journey was drinking and its association to smoking and I know exactly what you mean by the eureka moment when you realise that association has well and truly gone.

I can drink tea/coffee, drive, speak on the phone, drink alcohol, be around smokers and even enjoy my food without giving smoking a passing thought. I couldnt even picture feeling like this at the beginning.

Keep up the good work and Happy Christmas.



That's fantastic, Barney!!!. My biggest worry was that I'd never really enjoy a drink again after I stopped smoking. It took some work in the pub ;) but I managed to break the association and so I know now not true :p Anyway great post, should be very reassuring to new quitters.


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