No Smoking Day
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Time to quit for good!

Well, it's the end of day 1.....

Tried this at the beginning of the year but obviously didn't go so well. I'm 21 years old and on the outside I look fairly healthy, on the inside I feel like crap, constantly tired, short of breath and generally fed up of feeling rubbish, all because of this addiction.

Hopefully this time I kick the habit!

Best of luck to everyone else in the same situation, lets do this!

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Hey there

Just wishing you all the best with your quit.

It's nice to see someone quitting at a young age. If I was as sensible as you, I would have done the same thing, instead of waiting another 17 years or so!

You'll certainly feel a lot better very soon. Well done. You'll get loads of help and support on this forum. :)


Well done on getting through your first day

And good luck for the rest of your quit :D


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