No Smoking Day
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day 23!

Hello all! I really can't believe I've got to day 23! :D (some of my smoker friends are very jealous!)

I'm still using nicotine patches. No cravings, though I do keep lozenges in my handbag at all times just in case. ;)

Any advice for those on patches would be useful - I'm due to 'step down' next week to a lower dose patch, & I'm a bit nervous in case I find it more difficult or start getting cravings, and after doing so well I really don't want that to happen!!!

Hope everyone is still doing well xxx

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Lovely number, isn't it?

It's got a solid, chunky look to it & it's soo close to a month!



Thank you Sue :) Other than having a terrible rotten cold I'm actually feeling very good. I wouldn't have thought twice about smoking when ill before! :eek:


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