No Smoking Day
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day 2 is done hello day 3

hello there

well day 2 goes to me thats gra-2 ciggies -0 lol

well i started out using both patches and champix but earlier this morning (about 17 hours ago) i removed the patch as it was irritating me was going to put a new one on but decided id had several hours without one so for the time being ive decided to drop the use of patches (cant say ive noticed any difference between champix and patches vs champix only)

been having lots of cravings all day and constant thoughts of smoke for today worry about quitting later but have fought them off also there are the thoughts of the unknown of life without the ciggies - scary stuff

well heres to another day ciggie free to everyone



Two days, 52 minutes and 19 seconds. 122 cigarettes not smoked, saving $62.31. Life saved: 10 hours, 10 minutes.

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I like your statistics gra - magic;)


Well done GRA, keep up the good work !!


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