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day 1 and here i goooooooooooo

hello there

well after a long time of feeding my habit and ive really gone way overboard i now find myself in a situation that is probrably not normal i do want to quit its like this i brought a house er i mean mortgage and the only way i am able to afford it is if i quit smoking but i have a bit of a weird one here as the brand i smoke i am very particular about them and i can taste when they are not right and they have not been for a long time long story short they all now taste like s*it so i am forced to quit as well as there is no going back for me the way i see it i was a loyal smoker for many years but in the end the tobacco company left me high and dry i have smoked 60 a day for 26 years have tried to quit before but cave at the 2 week mark except once i managed 5 months my habit costs me $200 per week (yeah i know crazy) have tried many methods before and this time im using champix (started again 4 days ago even though i experienced hallucinations and suicidal thoughts and extreme rage last time) and patches (not sure if this combo is a good thing) had my last ciggie at midnight and im determined to get there this time been a slave to the tobacco company too long now anyways thought i would say hi

21 hours, 53 minutes and 22 seconds. 54 cigarettes not smoked, saving $32.83. Life saved: 4 hours, 30 minutes.

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harry up together with me



Hang in there...

You've almosr got 24 hours... a 'full day & a sleep' - that's something solid.


Well Done!

Hey there! Loved your story, you will feel so amazing when you have your mortgage and no smokes!!! Hopefully this forum will help you stay focused too! Can i ask, have you completely quit already and on day 4 on champix? thats great if you are! i was told to start the tablets and pick a day between 7-11 and that would be my quit day, thats why i wondered! :) i am also on day 4 on champix, i was told though that some people dont get to their quit day though as they completely dont want to smoke a cig earlier than their quit day! i wish you all the luck. lets not poison ourselves anymore!! Mel x


hello there strawberry

i have already stopped smoking as i had to because the ciggies i was smoking was all over the place for example there has been a long history of them going stale in the shops by the time i buy them and lately there was new packs so i had sent back a pile of old stale ones but the ones they sent back were no better (i think they repacked them) anyway they were stale and the ones in the shop i would have to look for packs made on a particular day and on a particular machine by the code stamped on the pack and even then they were not really pleasant taste they were just the better of the stale tasting ones but they were stale as they made me physically sick just that some were not as bad as far as the mortgage goes as far as i am concerned if i continue smoking i could cover mortgage for a number of months but then i might fall short and could lose the house now given the choice of smoking or house if i continue smoking at a rate of $200 per week well i may as well hand the keys into the bank now as i would not deserve the house and i would be the biggest idiot of all time.

i tried on champix a couple months ago as well but stopped due to bad side effects but also i wasnt really ready to quit but now i am i have read make sure you eat half a meal then take the champix then eat the other half of your meal and if the 2 blue tablets twice a day is too much or cause worse side effects for you then just try 1 tablet once a day or half a tablet twice a day so that means that we are about the same place on champix treatment although i think im on about day 6 but about the same anyways however even last time they deffinately made a difference they do help are you having any side effects from them (not everyone does) seems people have their last ciggie anywhere from day 7 to 22 from what i have read

if i can be of any help dont hesitate to ask

quitting is not easy but the biggest quitting aid we can have is will power everything else just helps out. lots of luck for your quit you can do it

now i realise ive given you the short response lol but ive also fought of some cravings while typing lol



One day, 4 hours, 43 minutes and 3 seconds. 71 cigarettes not smoked, saving $36.61. Life saved: 5 hours, 55 minutes.


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