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No Smoking Day
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6 week dilemma

Hi everyone, I've just realised and it's like hitting a brick wall, I'm coming up to 6 weeks on Christmas Eve.

My past quit attempts, I've got to 6 weeks and then rewarded myself by starting smoking again *sigh sigh sigh* wish I hadn't remembered this as it's constantly in my flippin' brain now.

Don't want to smoke and the smell of other smokers makes me want to heave and I want to apologise to all non smokers who I ever walked or sat near in the past :D:

BUT.....I can't get this 6 week thought out of my head....plus from Christmas Eve for 5 days I will be cyber free as at my Mum's, HELP!!!! :eek:

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hi sara only you can get past that hurdle as you say you dont like the smell dont go down the road of giving in you will regret it and i know how that feels because weve all done it. Keep posting on here every moment you get we are all here to help you Sara. Im not far behind you we can do this together. Do you really want to pong like an ashtray fight the nicodemon sara. You can do this. Jacqui


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