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day 86

day 86 and i'm still plodding along . really felt like going back to smoking last night . not really a craving just wanted to say to hell with this i was much happier as a smoker. still i'm still here and have not had a smoke. i can just imagine how utterly crap i would feel if i smoked now especially after nearly three months being quit. onwards and upwards. merry Christmas

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I know exactly what you mean. I don't want to go back to smoking - know I'd feel bloody dreadful if I did, in more ways than one - but I can't help feeling there's something missing. Something which used to make me content, happy, complete. Something to look forward to.

Maybe the Nicodemon is hovering above Nottingham at the moment .....?!

Onwards and upwards indeed. We surely won't feel like this forever...



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