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Day 3: The Musings of a Smoke-Free Mind

I'm posting a bit earlier today -- it's a non-work day, so I've not been up to much. I rewarded myself with a nice lay-in this morning, but I've fighting the temptation to smoke quite a bit today. I'm not surprised, though, because I've every opportunity to do so (contrary to when I'm at the office).

Still, they've just been opportunisic urges, I think. No real drama. And I've only used my NRT once today.

I've just been reflecting on the last three days: I've already spared my body from exposure to 120 cigarrettes since I quit (not to mention the previous 2 weeks were I cut down dramatically prior to starting). I've saved enough money to buy a new kettle (about £36).

Although I'm really happy with my progress, I've been strugling a bit with my demons today. The same old chestnut -- have I already done the damage, and will all of this make any real difference in the end?) OK, so I'll be richer and healthier. :) But I just hope I haven't already secured my premature demise. :(

Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on it. But it's part of my day and part of my quit experience, so I can't avaiod or ignore it either. Dispite this, however, my depression hasn't been very bad today, and the cravings haven't been as strong -- perhaps I'm starting to adjust to functioning without the fags? Overall, it's been getting easier, I think, day by day. And that can't be a bad thing.

I was wondering, also, about how I would currently describe myself. I'm no longer a smoker. I'm not really a non-smoker either (I would normally describe someone who hasn't or wanted to smoke as such). I think the term ex-smoker sounds a bit premature at the moment. I think, if someone were to ask me if I smoked, I would probably reply as follows: "Yes," I would tell them, "Yes, I do. But I haven't wanted to smoke in a while, and I have no intention of doing so at any point in the future." It may make for some interesting conversation. :confused:

Anyway, a few more hours, and day 3 is over. Then onto day 4. I still can't believe it's been three whole days already. :D

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Well done :D


Well done Legs, you seem to have this well under control :D


Hiya're a non-smoker/ex-smoker. You don't smoke simple as that! Well done on getting through this tough day (I know it was two days ago but well done on getting through it).

As for worrying about whether you have already done damage to your body well. I would try not to worry about it...I was mega scared when I first gave up that I had lung cancer (I was coughing for ages and had a hoarse voice and sore throat for weeks). Look back at my first posts and I was really upset. Look, we have to be realistic and we've put ourselves at risk more so than the general population. However, we cannot spend our lives worrying about a situation that might never happen. I know it's easy for me to say but in the job that I do (work in a job involving oncology, which is why I am so paranoid myself) I see people of all ages (heartbreakingly the very young too) with cancer and it can strike at any time. In general, you have to smoke many fags over many years about 20+ a day for 40 years or 60 a day for 20 years (it all depends on the amount of pack years) before you get lung cancer. There are always exceptions to the rule however and the younger people you may hear of are a minority not the majority (they also probably started smoking very young and smoked many packs a day too). If non-smokers worried that they might get cancer they wouldn't be able to do anything.....please, please, please live for today and not the might be's.

I'm rooting for ya!

Love Lisa. XXXX


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