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2 Years For Danny Boy

I have just realised that my quit Buddy Danny Boy has not posted this great achievement, i.e. 2 years quit today, come on my man how can you not be screaming from the Penthouse about this, not from the roof may I add as its pretty windy and icy up there I know and we don’t want anyone falling off, not after 2 years that is, actually we don’t want any one to fall off full stop .

I am so proud of you and I hope you have a great 3rd year and all that you wish for comes your way.

Stay smiling Danny Boy and Happy Xmas & a very prosperous New Year to you and your family xxx

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Hearty congratulations Danny boy on making it to your second year, long may it continue and well done. David


To my friends

:)Hi Jamangie and everyone who remembers me,and Jamangie is right that I have now reached the two year mark and I feel absolutely great. I don't ever think about smoking or cigarettes and I only occassionally click onto this site. For everyone who is just starting there quit this is some facts that apply to me, two years stopped after 35years smoking 30 a day, and in this two years I have saved £6,245 and not smoked 21,900 fags!!! But thanks to Jamangie for remembering this two year aniversary, so I wish Jamangie and allthe people who travel down the road of quiting a very merry christmas and a Happy New Year.



Congrats Danny!!


Congratulations, I hope you spent some of that money on something very nice for you.



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